Monday, December 19, 2011

Impatiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting....

     After begging Jill Rensel for months, she has agreed to frame And They Sinned.  Because I stitched it on 35 ct linen it only ended up being 48 inches long.  Now comes the hard part.  Earlier, she had sent me a picture of three frames she thought would be appropriate for the design.  Pictured below. 
     I really couldn't make up my mind on which one so I left it up to the ladies in my favorite Facebook group, The Superstar Serial Starters and Divine Disciplined Divas Club.  They couldn't make up my mind either!

     Do you remember the horrific Santa Anna winds out west this fall?  There were semi trucks flipped over, houses damaged, trees everywhere.  My ATS was in route via snail mail when all this was happening.  Yikes!  Talk about anxiety!  It could have easily blown away and never been seen again.  I've had several dreams about it and they never end well.

     Jill emailed me and told me it arrived safely and also included the following photos.  It is her choice of mattes (which I love) and two different frames. 
     This feels like a Goldilocks moment for me.  The top frame is too dark, the bottom frame could be a bit darker.  Maybe Jill will find something  just right.  There will be some carving and hopefully a small bit of painting on the mattes as well.  Many people advised me that 1.  This piece is too large to matte.  2. Traditionally, samplers aren't matted.  3.  The vine border serves the purpose of any embellishment it might need.  The opinions of others are appreciated but in the end this will be hanging in my home and I have envisioned Jill's artistic touch on this since I first picked it up.  There is a perfect spot in my home to hang it as well.

     Did someone say, "New Start"?  I seem to have gone into a frenzy with what to stitch next.  The girls in the above named group aren't helping any bit.  They keep chanting, "Whatcha gonna start, Dawn?  Whatcha gonna start?"  Never mind the dozen WIPs I already have.  I sunk my needle into A Mystery Sampler, Village of Hawk Run Hollow, stitched a cute sampler for my bestie stitching buddy, stitched and ruined a cute sampler for my bestie stitching buddy, (note* Blow torches and linen DO NOT MIX), have Ann Grant still on my mind, and am ignoring Red Snowman. 

     Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful, careful, cozy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.  Cheers, Dawn