Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP a tee doo da!

   As a stitchaholic, I realize I need therapy.  Maybe not in-patient, but certainly some counseling.  I just can't seem to stay on the same project.  I try but fail.  Just like dieting.  After a week, I'm done.  My Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL came to a screeching halt.  Tired of stitching on block two (and dreading that second willow tree), I moved on to block four with Lori.  But I forgot that in an effort to spread out the cost of the silks, I had only purchased 1/2 of the silks.  Quickly I ordered them but my haste  is not being shared by my INS.  Guess I should have mentioned to her it was AN EMERGENCY!!  Here's where I had to stop on Village.

     So I picked up Frances Eden.  I just love this project.

     THEN I received The Proper Stitch in the mail.  I've just been thumbing through it looking at all the beautiful stitches I've never tried.  Well, guess I'll try them.  I started the never ending sampler.  No chart.  Three colors of silks and 36 ct Vintage Lentil.  Once a week I will put some stitches in her.  No pressure.  Just a relaxing piece for me to work on when I want.  And I won't feel guilty about how much I have left to do because I can end it at anytime.  

    The next stitch in the book is reversible cross.  The plan is to stitch it down the right side and stitch "reversible" (probably over one) down the side. 

   Once again, thank you for looking and happy stitching!