Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whole lotta stitchin' goin' on!

I keep saying to myself, "After this small project I'll post a blog".  Now here it's been almost two months.  Where does the time go?  Village of Hawk Run Hollow is coming along.  I know my SAL partner is getting irritated with my snail-like pace and I do apologize.  Five blocks are done.
I took a break from Village after the forest block and finally finished Red Snowman.
And then I went on a Shepherd's Bush small stitchathon.
I finally got my Athena framed that's been in my closet for oh so many years and took it to a local artist to have the mat painted.  She's no Jill Rensel but it's good enough to put up in my big fat Greek restaurant.
Speaking of Jill Rensel, I decided to send her my Halloween Garden and three Lavender and Lace angels, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  THAT'S going to be exciting to get up on my wall and I will post pics soon.  Until then, happy blogging and happy stitching!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Four blocks down, eight to go, OY!

Green is one of my favorite colors so stitching block five of Village of Hawk Run Hollow was a fun easy stitch.
I'm stitching out of order so here is a picture of what I've done so far.  I know, one of the trees isn't finished in block two but I HATED stitching the first one so much that I'm saving for a day when my mood is blissful.
My dear son, Theo, has been waiting two years for his school trip to Spain and turned 17 years old on the plane.  We had an early birthday party for him and everyone had a good time.  Happy birthday Cocoa Pop!
And one last picture.  All you pet people know that sometimes we have more pictures of our fur babies than our real babies.  Here's my little Nikko getting hydrated for the party.
Thank you for looking at my blog and I'm off to stitch block three.  May the frogs stay away!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP a tee doo da!

   As a stitchaholic, I realize I need therapy.  Maybe not in-patient, but certainly some counseling.  I just can't seem to stay on the same project.  I try but fail.  Just like dieting.  After a week, I'm done.  My Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL came to a screeching halt.  Tired of stitching on block two (and dreading that second willow tree), I moved on to block four with Lori.  But I forgot that in an effort to spread out the cost of the silks, I had only purchased 1/2 of the silks.  Quickly I ordered them but my haste  is not being shared by my INS.  Guess I should have mentioned to her it was AN EMERGENCY!!  Here's where I had to stop on Village.

     So I picked up Frances Eden.  I just love this project.

     THEN I received The Proper Stitch in the mail.  I've just been thumbing through it looking at all the beautiful stitches I've never tried.  Well, guess I'll try them.  I started the never ending sampler.  No chart.  Three colors of silks and 36 ct Vintage Lentil.  Once a week I will put some stitches in her.  No pressure.  Just a relaxing piece for me to work on when I want.  And I won't feel guilty about how much I have left to do because I can end it at anytime.  

    The next stitch in the book is reversible cross.  The plan is to stitch it down the right side and stitch "reversible" (probably over one) down the side. 

   Once again, thank you for looking and happy stitching!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some finishes!

This is my first post from my new computer.  It's an Apple and we have a love/hate relationship.  It's taken me 15 minutes to figure out how to get pictures from my iPhone to the computer and surely when I try to load them on this blog I will have to hunt them down in the depths of this device.  Mystery sampler got framed!
I moved on to Eulalie Long by Plum Street Samplers.  This was a fun stitch and also my first PSS design even though I have loads of them in my stash.
And here she is framed.  I used a fillet as well to give the framer some more of my husband's hard earned money.
Next up is the beautiful and highly coveted Frances Eden.  This is what she will look like when I'm finished in 10 years.  Lol
And this is what I have done so far.  Well, actually I have started a bit on the cloud as well but you get the picture.  This is my first time stitching on 40 ct linen.  It's challenging but I love the color of the linen and will not start over.  I do have a concern that the verse at the bottom is done over one.  Either I will use a 1/2 cross stitch or purchase a finer silk. Oh ya, I'm stitching this in all over dyed silks chosen by Theresa from Shakespeare's Peddler.  Frances is going to be glorious!
One last thing. A friend of mine has an amazing job and gets to travel all over the world.  Last month she went to Turkey and I asked for a tablecloth.  Just a little something something for my house.  Hee hee.  This is what she brought back for me.  Thud!
Thank you for looking at my blog.  I do read each comment and appreciate your words.  Till next time, happy stitching and blogging, my friends.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A finale, a finish, and a find.

     Apologies for taking such a long break between posts.  Jill was finally able to get And They Sinned back to me and I must say when I opened that box I was so pleased.  Samplers are not traditionally matted and especially such a large sampler but I am glad I did it.  Here she is in all her glory.

     Occasionally I get the urge to shop when I'm in my pj's.  eBay was calling my name one night and I found this lovely sampler on eBay UK.  I don't recall the name of it but the original is hanging in a museum somewhere and this is a reproduction of it, perhaps by Permin of Copenhagen.  I requested that it be sent without the frame so I get to go shopping again.  Oh what a shame.    
     This piece is massive and judging by the tiles on the floor, looks to be three feet long.  Hopefully those aren't four inch tiles.  Lol!
     I have been getting some stitching done while waiting to get back to Village of Hawk Run Hollow with my SAL partner, Lori, who is stabbing her needle in a model.  Better than a model stabbing a needle in her.  Hee hee hee.  This is Birds of a Feather, a mystery sampler by With They Needle & Thread.  It was stitched using the silk conversion on the Shakespeare's Peddler blog.  The large flowers were supposed to be burgundy but I wanted something more fru fruey.  I'm such a girly girl. 
     Thank you for checking in and leaving any comments.  This is the last post I will make on my PC then I have to cut the cord and switch over to the Mac I just bought.  You may never hear from me again...........


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half is better than none!

Today's email brought me some relief on And They Sinned.  Jill still has it.  It has not been lost, stolen, damaged, or forgotten about.  Those nightmares are really interupting my sleep!  She has cut the mattes and prepared the frame.  ATS is stretched and she is ready to embellish.  Oh, I can't wait to see the good stuff!  I'm even having my walls painted before hanging it up.  Must be the perfect background!  Good things come to those who wait....Patience is a virtue....Good things come via the UPS truck....Good things come in large packages!  THIS IS KILLING ME!!!  AURGH!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Impatiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting....

     After begging Jill Rensel for months, she has agreed to frame And They Sinned.  Because I stitched it on 35 ct linen it only ended up being 48 inches long.  Now comes the hard part.  Earlier, she had sent me a picture of three frames she thought would be appropriate for the design.  Pictured below. 
     I really couldn't make up my mind on which one so I left it up to the ladies in my favorite Facebook group, The Superstar Serial Starters and Divine Disciplined Divas Club.  They couldn't make up my mind either!

     Do you remember the horrific Santa Anna winds out west this fall?  There were semi trucks flipped over, houses damaged, trees everywhere.  My ATS was in route via snail mail when all this was happening.  Yikes!  Talk about anxiety!  It could have easily blown away and never been seen again.  I've had several dreams about it and they never end well.

     Jill emailed me and told me it arrived safely and also included the following photos.  It is her choice of mattes (which I love) and two different frames. 
     This feels like a Goldilocks moment for me.  The top frame is too dark, the bottom frame could be a bit darker.  Maybe Jill will find something  just right.  There will be some carving and hopefully a small bit of painting on the mattes as well.  Many people advised me that 1.  This piece is too large to matte.  2. Traditionally, samplers aren't matted.  3.  The vine border serves the purpose of any embellishment it might need.  The opinions of others are appreciated but in the end this will be hanging in my home and I have envisioned Jill's artistic touch on this since I first picked it up.  There is a perfect spot in my home to hang it as well.

     Did someone say, "New Start"?  I seem to have gone into a frenzy with what to stitch next.  The girls in the above named group aren't helping any bit.  They keep chanting, "Whatcha gonna start, Dawn?  Whatcha gonna start?"  Never mind the dozen WIPs I already have.  I sunk my needle into A Mystery Sampler, Village of Hawk Run Hollow, stitched a cute sampler for my bestie stitching buddy, stitched and ruined a cute sampler for my bestie stitching buddy, (note* Blow torches and linen DO NOT MIX), have Ann Grant still on my mind, and am ignoring Red Snowman. 

     Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful, careful, cozy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.  Cheers, Dawn