Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let there be light!

I know it's early for my post but tomorrow proves to be busy for me.  This week I stitched for 9 1/2 hours and I accomplished more than I thought I would.  I finished that damn cloud and then went back up to finish the vine border, a couple of motifs, and then stitched the sun, which I was looking forward to for a LONG time.
Now the fun begins!  So many little motifs are next and I think they will go fast.  When I spoke to Vilma, the designer of this beautiful pattern, on the phone, she told me that the fruit on the tree (to be stitched in the near future) was done in seven different colors representing the seven deadly sins.  I am wondering if she put that much thought into the little motifs in the area above it so I am researching the meaning of certain symbols used in the stitchery world.  It will be educational, indeed.
Tomorrow I am getting some "me" time in and going on the Pair A Dice gambling boat with a girlfriend from work.  Here's the plan.  Half of my mad money will go on the roulette wheel, the other half in a slot machine, AKA the garbage can.  Wish me luck! Until next Thursday, happy stitching!


  1. Looking good!! That's very interesting about the seven colors representing the seven deadly sins, I didn't know that. Vilma is such a nice lady!
    Have fun on your gambling trip! And GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Dawn, this is turning out beautifully~~~ You are making very good progress!

  3. It's coming along nicely. And that! Lots and lots of gray stitching there! Love the bird motif touched by a ray of sunshine.

    Best of luck to you on your gambling trip, hope nothing goes into the can or down the drain! lol


  4. That is looking really nice :)