Sunday, February 26, 2012

A finale, a finish, and a find.

     Apologies for taking such a long break between posts.  Jill was finally able to get And They Sinned back to me and I must say when I opened that box I was so pleased.  Samplers are not traditionally matted and especially such a large sampler but I am glad I did it.  Here she is in all her glory.

     Occasionally I get the urge to shop when I'm in my pj's.  eBay was calling my name one night and I found this lovely sampler on eBay UK.  I don't recall the name of it but the original is hanging in a museum somewhere and this is a reproduction of it, perhaps by Permin of Copenhagen.  I requested that it be sent without the frame so I get to go shopping again.  Oh what a shame.    
     This piece is massive and judging by the tiles on the floor, looks to be three feet long.  Hopefully those aren't four inch tiles.  Lol!
     I have been getting some stitching done while waiting to get back to Village of Hawk Run Hollow with my SAL partner, Lori, who is stabbing her needle in a model.  Better than a model stabbing a needle in her.  Hee hee hee.  This is Birds of a Feather, a mystery sampler by With They Needle & Thread.  It was stitched using the silk conversion on the Shakespeare's Peddler blog.  The large flowers were supposed to be burgundy but I wanted something more fru fruey.  I'm such a girly girl. 
     Thank you for checking in and leaving any comments.  This is the last post I will make on my PC then I have to cut the cord and switch over to the Mac I just bought.  You may never hear from me again...........



  1. ATS is fabulous, Jill did an outstanding frame job to show your gorgoeus stitching.
    Pretty sampler you bought from ebay.
    You better be back...

  2. You must have felt me thinking about you just this morning! ATS was beautiful before, but Jill's framing made it absolutely stunning. I know you're really going to enjoy seeing this in your home for a very long time!

  3. ATS looks superb. Your framer is amazing. We couldn't source a mount in the UK that size.

    A beautiful buy off eBay.

  4. ATS is wonderful Dawn!
    I love the Birds of A Feather finish too.

  5. Just gorgeous, Dawn. I know you will enjoy it forever.

  6. Gosh, since I'm new to your blog, I had to do a little looking and I love your ATS!!! Jill did a beautiful job framing this. I wish that I had sent mine to her after seeing yours.

  7. I do love your finish on And They Sinned! I came here following your post in FB today, and I've now joined your followers. Hopefully I'll get to finish my own ATS one day!