Thursday, May 19, 2011

At wits end with And They Sinned!

This tree seemed to NEVER end.  If it weren't for Facebook friends and this blog this project might be at the back of a closet by now.  It was worth all the work though, it looks fabulous, and ironed this week.  :) The first page is almost done!  Yippee!  Below is a picture of a previously stitched piece that some of you may have seen.  It is Family Sampler by Shepherd's Bush and is hanging in the powder room of my house.  Jill Rensel did the beautiful mats and framing.
Here is the dream piece of the week.  It is Ann Grant by Shakespeare's Peddler.  She is kitted up and ready to go and may be the next project to be started.  This one is hanging in some other lucky persons house!  Till next Thursday, happy stitching!  Oops, almost forgot.  Calamity Jr. asked in the previous blog where my restaurant is.  She lives in Peoria and I am technologically challenged and couldn't figure out how to email her.  (Hope you are reading this.)  My husband and I run Grecian Gardens in Chillicothe.  Calamity Jr., if you come out, you MUST let me know who you are so we can talk "stitch!"


  1. I am amazed by the size of ATS! I'll be sending an email about visiting you at work; we haven't been there for awhile, but just recently talked about heading back. Small world!

  2. Keep going as it looks fantastic!

    I love your Family Sampler. I have this in my stash and am going to start it soon:)