Thursday, May 5, 2011

Switchin' it up a bit!

Here is this week's progress on ATS.  The tree is coming up and there are lots of color switches so I may use 2 or 3 needles at a time for that.  This is the end of 8 weeks and the total stitching time is 78 1/2 hours.  Whew!
Some excitement is needed for this blog so I am going to post a picture of a project I have completed and then a project that someone else has had the patience to stitch and would be a dream piece on my wall.

Many of you have seen this on my Facebook page and know the hell I went through stitching it.  There isn't one row or area of stitches that wasn't stitched twice.  I learned how to count in kindergarten, I just forgot while stitching this!  It is Come Tarry by Shepherd's Bush and after going to Greece and seeing the rolling hills and sheep, I knew I had to stitch this.  Then when it was finished I ironed it and had the steam on (unknowingly) and the colors bled on the bottom.  THEN I tried to blot it out with a wet towel and left watermarks on it.  Could this project get anymore nightmarish?  So I phoned Jill Rensel, the artist and framer who put this together, and we decided to watermark the whole project to give it a distressed look and then she put a watermarked mat set with it.  It is splendid and one of my favorite pieces.  Speaking of favorite pieces, check this out!

This is a sampler stitched by one of my Facebook friends, Ilana Kaye.  I really hope she doesn't mind me bragging on her art.  It is framed in a panel of a china cabinet someone had thrown out.  This could be as big as And They Sinned and is just splendid!  Only another 6 or 7 months more to go and I too shall have an amazing sampler on my wall as well.  Maybe I will go china cabinet door shopping as well!  Until next Thursday, happy stitching and happy blogging.


  1. Your ATS is looking great, Dawn.

    I have one of those projects that nothing seemed to go right with also. So glad yours turned out so well. It's beautiful.

  2. Your ATS is looking fantastic!

    Your SB piece is gorgeous. I've just finished Emmanuel's Song and I loved stitching it.