Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Four blocks down, eight to go, OY!

Green is one of my favorite colors so stitching block five of Village of Hawk Run Hollow was a fun easy stitch.
I'm stitching out of order so here is a picture of what I've done so far.  I know, one of the trees isn't finished in block two but I HATED stitching the first one so much that I'm saving for a day when my mood is blissful.
My dear son, Theo, has been waiting two years for his school trip to Spain and turned 17 years old on the plane.  We had an early birthday party for him and everyone had a good time.  Happy birthday Cocoa Pop!
And one last picture.  All you pet people know that sometimes we have more pictures of our fur babies than our real babies.  Here's my little Nikko getting hydrated for the party.
Thank you for looking at my blog and I'm off to stitch block three.  May the frogs stay away!!


  1. Great progress Dawn! It looks fabulous.

  2. Love your photos and your stitching on Hawk Run Hollow is beautiful!!

  3. Hi

    Your stitching looks lovely!
    Happy belated birthday to your son and your cat is just gorgeous!