Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now that's better!

I feel like I didn't accomplish much this past week with my stitching but I actually put in 8 1/2 hours and that's not as much as I would like.  One of those hours was spent unstitching the beginning of the middle cloud which took me two hours to stitch.  Ripping out is not something any stitcher likes to do but I managed to find a quicker method than I had been using in the past.  I used to clip the top of a stitch and then take my needle and pull out one stitch at a time, never cutting another thread.  This week I cut the top of each stitch in a row that I wanted out and then slid my needle under as many threads as I could and pulled up on them and they came out all together.  My dream from my previous post gave me that idea. "Are you sure you want to unstitch the selected stitches?"  I was able to pull out two hours worth of work in one hour.  Not bad!

I am much happier with the new color the middle cloud is going to be.  It looks a little stormy and mysterious and at the bottom of it, the sun will peak out.  Spectacular!
Yesterday the credit card bill came in the mail for all of my Nashville market purchases, the framing of Grape Season Sampler, the second piece of linen for ATS, and my 1819 Ann Skey eBay find.  Thank heavens there isn't another market for a while and since I will be stitching And They Sinned for the rest of my life, I won't be needing any supplies.  Now I just need to find a hiding spot for the credit card bill!