Thursday, July 7, 2011

I need a quickie!

     Why is it that I am on vacation and have less time to stitch than if I weren't?  Oh ya, because my husband keeps planning things without my knowledge.  He doesn't understand that I want to stitch.  I don't want to shop for bushes, go out for lunch, or clean the restaurant.  I also don't want to be sent a third party text message saying we are having company in an hour.  He just loves to do that to me.

      Here is the disappointing update for the week on And They Sinned.  I finished the last of the alphabet on the right side, the coral flowers, some of the vine border and a few motifs.  On a positive note, I am nearly done with the second page.  It might only be a couple weeks.  Well, actually three because I'm leaving on a jet plane early next week and this is too big to take on my trip.  Therefore....that's why I need a quickie.

      Get your head out of the gutter, I'm not talking about that kind of quickie.  A very small project is in order for the three hour plane trip so Shepherd's Bush's Happy Day is coming with me to Vegas.  Certainly I can get this finished on the plane as long as the turbulence is minimal.  Once I am there a trip to Stitcher's Paradise is planned.  They don't have a website in which to order supplies but I hear the shop is heavenly. 

      I will have to miss next week's blog but will update soon on my awesome shopping trip.  How about I post pics of all my goodies?  Sounds like a plan.  Happy stitching ladies!

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