Thursday, July 28, 2011

The little stitcher who could

     I have been stitching my fingers to the bone this past week, trying to catch up on lost stitching time due to vacation.  Here is an update of ATS.  My last post had ended with the star motifs.

     Here is a picture of the whole sampler.

     Two feet or so of fabric remains and I have some decisions to make.

     Underneath these goofy looking guys holding the grapes is a row of large motifs, then the verse which is charted unevenly.  Some of the letters are crowded and some are underneath others.  Should I straighten the verse out?  One of my Facebook friends did and it looks nice but having that school girl charm to my sampler would be cute as well.  Also, if I move the words, other things have to move as well.  It reminds me of when my husband and I built our house.  We wanted a step down living room but the builder told us it would make the basement ceiling lower.  A beam would have to be moved and then a wall downstairs, etc..etc.  Really?  All that headache just to lower a floor eight inches?  Forget it, just leave the floor alone.  So I may just leave the verse alone as well.

     I have three more followers!  Yippee!  I enjoy checking out your blogs as well.  One of my favorite bloggers just finished Frances Eden 1809 by Handwork Samplers.  I have been looking for this sampler for several months but it must be out of print.  If any of my dear followers has this chart and would like to part with it, I will give it a happy home.  You can email me at  Otherwise if you know of a shop that has it, please post a comment and let me know.  The end of And They Sinned will eventually come and Frances is on my short list to stitch.  Happy stitching ladies!!


  1. Glad to have found your blog, Dawn! ATS is just stunning! What an amazing piece! I will enjoy keeping up with your progress.

  2. ATS is looking fab and you are making fantastic progress.
    2 feet is enough isn't it?? I measured mine from where you are and it looks like plenty, what stitch count are you stitching it on?
    Sorry! Can't help with the sampler
    Good Luck!

  3. Hi Dawn!
    You are making great progress on ATS. So close :)