Saturday, July 16, 2011


     Hi ladies!  This is going to be a lengthy blog so if you are here for the pictures, they are first and then a bit about my trip below it. Some of you know that I went to Las Vegas and visited Stitcher's Paradise.  The name says it all and here are my finds.

     From left to right, top to bottom are Crystal Mercedes linen (with sparkles and all), Rainbow Dreams, Phoenix by Picture This Plus, Crystal Glory (sparkles too), Antique Yellow, and Carnival by Picture This Plus.  They are all 32 count and 1/4 yards.

     The linen pictured with the floss is Highland by Picture This Plus.  The threads are Sampler Threads for Permit Me Not to Stray.  I might use the blue linen for this piece.  It sort of looks like the sky.  Also pictured are a few more Belle Soie silks to add to my collection.  I am hoping to eventually have enough to only use those to stitch with.  They are so yummy.

     Here is part of the shop.  On the left is the end of the fiber wall.  Just look at all those models!

     This is part of the linen room.  Yowzers!  All the way to the right is 32 count linen in every color imaginable.  I had the owner take off the whole stack in the overdyeds and I thumbed through them, pulling out each one I wanted. 
     The shop is small so they take the older charts and place them in magazine holders by designer and then display them in alphabetical order. 
     So ladies, that's all the pictures I have.  Thank you for looking and if anyone gets a chance to go to this shop, GO FOR IT! 

     Top 10 things I learned while being in Vegas.

10  You can't carry a souvenir snow globe on a plane.  (Poor Evan)

 9  Quit while you are ahead.

 8  If you think your shoes are comfortable, you are wrong. 

 7  Cab drivers are crazy.

 6  The days of cheap buffets are over.  A plate of spaghetti will cost you $35 dollars.  Don't even think about ordering the steak.

 5  Get a map of the hotel/casino and study it.

 4  Don't wait until the 3rd day to get a player's card.  You will be out of money anyway.

 3  Don't go in July.  It's fricken HOT out there.

 2  Go to as many shows as you can afford.

 And the number one thing I learned in Vegas is...Never get a hotel room for four people with only one toilet.

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