Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ann Skey's final resting place

     Does anyone remember my Ann Skey antique sampler eBay find?  Here's a before and after.
She was grossly framed and had strands of her fibers collecting at the sides of her.  Here she is properly framed and ready to hang.

This turned out so beautiful.  No, her final resting place isn't going to be on my couch though.  It's difficult to take pictures of framed pieces because no matter where or how I take the picture I get glare.  Here is a close up of the frame and some closer pictures of the sampler.
Of course no sampler is complete without Adam and Eve, and Ann must have felt the same way. 
     It took nine weeks for me to get this back from the framers.  When they opened her up they found what they thought was small specks of mold on the back of her.  So they sent her to Chicago to have a professional curator look at it.  It just ended up being specks of dust.  You'd be dusty too if you were almost 200 years old!  He wanted to clean it for $250 but I decided to pass on that.  I was told to get this baby insured because she is worth about 15 times what I paid for her.  That's a pretty good investment. 
     There is a perfect spot in my family room above the couch for her but right now I have two large pictures of my boys there.  I hope they don't mind getting "bumped." 
     And They Sinned is coming along and I am almost finished with the motifs above the green pasture.  My next post should have photos of that.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and also for leaving me comments.  I love reading them.  Till next time, happy stitching!


  1. It looks great Dawn! It sounds like you have the perfect place to hang it.

  2. That is just beautiful and I am shocked you found something so lovely as that on ebay! Wow I may need to go there! It looks so pretty framed and it is just stunning!