Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bewildered and bemused

     When my quilting mentor tried to teach me how to quilt last year she emphasized how important a 1/4 seam allowance was but she didn't tell me why.  So my first quilting project was called Beacon Hill and had lots of triangles in it and a pieced border.  It was difficult but if I kept to that 1/4 inch seam allowance I believed I could not fail.  SOMEWHERE along the way (probably way in the beginning), my 1/4 inch became a scant 1/4 inch and when I was finished the quilt blocks were nearly a half an inch off.  I carried my quilt top to the quilt shop with my head hanging low and showed it to Jeannette.  She then told me that being off by just a tad bit would multiply throughout the quilt.  She quilted it for me anyway, taking apart the border and fixing it so that it looked reasonably presentable.  Well whose gonna help me now that I have made a mess of ATS?
     Yes, you read it right.  Somehow I am two stitches off in my sampler.  Here is the proof in the pudding.
On the right side of the tree there are only supposed to be five up and down rows of the fence and there are six.  Taking it out is not even a question.  The mistake could have been made weeks ago.  I have studied my stitching and the chart and I cannot find it for the life of me.  EVERYTHING else lines up.  Even the vine border on both sides so there fore I am bewildered and bemused.  It's not a devastating mistake but it's going to bug me to no end.  Also, my Facebook friend Lori told me now I won't be able to win any contests with it.  AND I am afraid of where to go from here.  If I start the next row in the middle, will it be off too and go berserk like my quilt?  Oh what to do!  Here's the progress for the week.
The verse is coming next which reads, " And God made two in His image and placed them in the Paradise of Eden.  Evil tempted Eve with the apple ... She then offered it to Adam ........ AND THEY SINNED.."
I'm about 90 % certain that I will stitch the words without the whimsicalness of the letters being all over the place.  I'm going to stitch the verse first and then place various motif around it as I see fit. Unless I screw that up too!  Until next time, happy stitching ladies! 


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  2. Well I'm still looking at this and scratch what I said earlier... teach me not to talk on the phone and read at the same time. You already mentioned what I said! LOL Anyway, I'm still looking at it and I don't know if you spotted the place in the fence where you stitched five fence posts between the first guy on the left and the flower vase motif under the grapes ~ it's the only place she has six solid posts in the fence instead of five. I don't know if you stitched it that way to make it line up or if that's where the miscount is... anyway, just trying to help ~ and if I've said something totally stupid again, please forgive me... :) It's beautiful, Hun and I'm enjoying following your progress... I've got it kitted up and want to start it as soon as I finish up a few other WIP's... Good luck and Blessings always in stitches...

  3. Oh! I missed up like that too on ATS and for the life of me couldn't find it.
    Whatever you decide, I am sure it will work it's self out and you would never be able to tell it.